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Elastometric bitumen roofing

Elastometric bitumen roofing


Elastometric bitumen roofing

In Quebec, where the temperature varies greatly and where, even in summer, the weather is unpredictable and ever changing, carefully choosing a roofing material is crucial. Not only do you need to choose a roof resistant to Quebec’s severe-weather-prone climate, but also it is advantageous to select a material whose installation and repair can be made under various weather conditions.

Elastomeric membrane roofing is increasingly popular and accounts for close to half of all new flat roofs in Quebec. In addition to being readily available and affordable, it has a typical lifespan of 25-30 years. If you’re looking for a material that allows you to minimize maintenance and maximize watertightness, elastomeric membranes are a sound choice. Elastomeric membrane roofs are known for their solidity and resistance against humidity. Furthermore, they offer an interesting aesthetic finish that adds a clean and pampered allure to your roof.

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