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Asphalt and gravel

Asphalt and gravel

Asphalt and gravel

Asphalt and gravel

In Quebec, our fluctuating climate mandates that our structures be solid and high quality. At times, the intense cold can damage roof coverings. This is why built-up roofing systems of asphalt and gravel seem the most appropriate choice for flat or low-pitched roofs.

This covering consists of a multi-ply felt membrane saturated with molten tar between each layer or fold. Added gravel serves to block out solar radiation that would otherwise deteriorate the hardened asphalt. The gravel also slows the asphalt’s contraction during rapid temperature changes.

Built-up roofing systems are relatively affordable and require little maintenance. A simple annual inspection will help to avoid unpleasant surprises due to lack of up-keep.

This type of roofing has an estimated life of 20 to 25 years. White gravel is also offered and may be chosen according to your tastes or your city’s regulations. To make the right choices, get calculated advice, and be guided in each step of your project, don’t hesitate to call the specialists at Toitures J. Bélanger Inc.

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