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Roofing membrane TPO

Roofing membrane TPO


Roofing membrane TPO

The mentality of Quebecers has evolved greatly over the last 20 years. Climate change and green are directly connected with the choices made when it comes time to build or renovate. The typical white TPO membrane is an example of this change.

Whether your home or your business, it is ideal for flat roofs of all sizes, making it more environmentally friendly since it reflects the sunlight that warms the roof. Depending on the color used, the more it will be pale and it can be described as energy efficient.

TPO membranes are single-layer systems built in thermoplastic polyolefins. They are designed to combine durability thermoplastic with the proven performance of welded joints in hot air (heat seal). The membranes reflect the sun's rays and therefore do not absorb heat. The temperature of the roof remains cooler in the summer, which helps save on air conditioning costs. D`une very high resistance to sunlight, frost, heavy rain, wind and industrial chemicals; For reasons of sustainability, TPO type of monolayer membranes are increasingly popular.

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