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Rooftop snow removal

Rooftop snow removal

Snow removal

Rooftop snow removal

Winters in Quebec force you to be well-prepared for the arrival of snow. Left alone to accumulate, snow presents a danger to pedestrians passing close to buildings, not to mention the risk of sagging and collapsing roofs due to the excess stress brought on by a climate fluctuation that gives us both rain and snow, often in the same day. Ice guards inhibit proper draining which can lead to major leaks. Rooftop snow removal is a hazardous operation and must be done by qualified individuals.

Our accomplished team uses the correct techniques to remove snow from rooftops without damaging their waterproof membranes. In fact, it is recommended to leave a thin layer of snow on the roof for the membrane’s preservation. The purpose of snow removal is to free the roof of excess weight loads and ensure proper drainage

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